Retail Lust and Denial; Opening Ceremony

December 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

Opening Ceremony is cooler than you.

Iowa is cold, and it’s almost Christmas. Or as I used to know it in NYC, Holiday. So naturally I’m wishing I was strolling through some Anasazi ruins in these perfecto print espadrilles from Soludos available for a reasonable amount of de neiro at Opening Ceremony. Look at the delicious print! Can’t get enough of the Navajo/Native American type stuff lately. Or is it Kilim? Don’t really care as long as i can put my foot in it. Heh. 

As long as I am in cold climate denial, and on a completely season inappropriate Opening Ceremony shopping spree (yes, two items is a spree in my spendthrift reality) I might as well get this darling little one-piece;

I wonder if they would honor my request to make sure the particular suit sent to my door didn’t have the lovely crotch flower. Little much.

They even have cooler Pendleton Blankets with cooler prints for way more money than I will spend on a blanket. All these items together could dress one badass crazy beach bum.

Standing Rock Blanket

I have mixed feelings about Opening Ceremony. It’s the type of establishment people love to hate on, because it can come across as pretty darn snooty. It has a DIY cool kids clique-y lunch table vibe with a 5th avenue price point – all of which makes me feel embarrassed and somehow shamed. Perhaps this uncomfortable ego/id stew is a large part of why people have so much Hipster Loathing? However, if I’m being honest, I have to admit that if I found anything they sell at some place a little less in your face cool (Chloe Sevigny just designed a line for them for Jeebus sake) I would buy it and feel great. But hey! It’s pretty! And Good Lord why am I taking shopping so seriously!??!?! So The End. =—>


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