Better Living Through Chevrons

January 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

First we zig, then we zag.

By the time you’ve finished reading this post, odds are someone will have declared the chevron trend to be over (I’ve actually started a little thing with plus signs on the side, but more on that later). Chevrons have been showing up in interior design for a while – but always in ways that struck me as somewhat Martha for Kmart tame. Then they began to show up just about everywhere. And then, Dear Reader, like in a bad rom-com, suddenly I realize that they’ve been there all along, I just never knew I loved them…Peter Gabriel, rain, blah blah. Let’s go Etsy-ing. As a starter, may I suggest a medley of necklace, bracelet, rings, earrings and belt, all topped with slices of golden chevron hardware. Delish.

okay the ring is actually sterling silver

You can buy the necklace here,

here are the earrings,

the bracelet is here,

here is the ring

and the belt, the belt, goddammit, has apparently ceased to exist on the interweb. It’s Etsy listing is gone, (why couldn’t they just leave it up as sold? *grr*) and I can’t find the store. However, I effing love these belts, so up on this here post they shall stay. The more I stare at those buckles the more they start to look like little owls. Little mocking owls.

The Last word in chevron apparel pretty much goes to Missoni. That being said;

heeere’s the links;

bag here,

leg warmers here

shirt and shirt dresses here

Hey! look! This little lady is chevron savvy. 

Also, there’s these. I like both. You decide.

you can get this one here

And this one here. It says sold, but I’m pretty sure they are made to order.

Okay, now you can sink your teeth into this bizness;

Ha! what is that! I dunno! But it’s certainly full of chevrons and looks all designy and stuff.

Ahh, that’s more better.

Technically, I think the right and proper term for the crazy floor-ceiling-wall thing is herringbone, but I’m not very worried about it. All I know is that it’s a short ride from chevron to herringbone and then on to braided and before you know it you’re at flame stitch…which, btw, I love. Yes I do. Perhaps more on that later.

Now for something in the middle. I’ve been looking at pics of this apartment (er, brownstone I guess?) for a while….thank you badass musician ladyfriend Linsdey Neal Kuykendall for your mutual love of chevrons and reminding me of both this space and the white beauty above.

I will take all your flooring thank you very much. And the furniture while I’m at it.

And now for my Final Thought;

Working on a post about Sweden.




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