Hey! How’s Your House?

February 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

It’s good, and it’s a lot of work.

This is a house renovation blog sort of, right? So here we go. If you haven’t seen me in a while it’s because this is all I do now;

Genus; wall texture

Phylum; stucco(?)

Species; ihavenoeffingclue

I have no idea what you call this particular type of wall texture, but it’s gotta go. Here I am starting to apply joint compound to my walls.You can sort of see that it looks smoother where I started on the left. God it’s ugly. It looks like someone smeared store bought frosting on the walls. However, they must have gotten bored or something because only a few of the walls have this crappy crap all over them, including one wall that is mysteriously half covered. It’s even more hideous in real life. Trust me.

Btw, step off about my obviously staged application technique here. I did a lot of research about this skim coating business, considered may apparatuses and tools, and finally ended up smushing this stuff onto the wall and into the crevices with my bare hand and smoothing it with a putty knife. Thank goodness joint compound is marvelously forgiving and looks like old world plaster or something. No perfection needed. After the first coat, my friend Ian came over, and, after being heartily amused with my play-dough skills, showed me how you actually skim coat walls. The second coat was very different from the first, and watering down the joint compound was key to making that sh-t work.

Earth-shatteringly important picture of joint compound drying;

Can you see the miracle?!!?!? Neither can I. It just doesn’t really photograph well, especially with a phone camera, bad skills, blah blah. But trust me. It’s worlds better.

In other news, the most excellent Mr. Sweeps (a.k.a Glen Fredrickson) came to my house and installed the chimney for my wood stove!

Yikes. After hours of looking at pictures of other people’s cute houses my house looks like it’s inhabited by Grandma Death. Sweet Lord I cannot wait to redo my porch and give it the slatty treatment, something I am shamelessly lifting from The Brick House.


the brick house

Redwood slats look awful purdy. I have so much work to do.

Ok, going to go eat Dad Bread now. 

besos lovers,



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