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June 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

It’s a regular Mayberry up in this piece.

Weekends in this town are jammed with activities. I’m actually having difficulty keeping pace. Recent hot F-Town action includes but is not limited to the annual Vintage Power Wagon Rally. One weekend a year enthusiasts rumble into town in a cloud of diesel smoke and lift their hoods. This particular event was the 25th anniversary, and there were some beauts. Golly these things are cool.

A while ago, before I moved actually, I spotted this little number in town and had to snap some pics as I’d never seen one before. Built on a Chevy Astro chassis, this conversion van is called a Tiger.

That’s right, Tiger. YES.

So, last weekend, Dad and I were on a break from working on the house, when we saw this kitty in the parking lot of the local health food store and boom – “For Sale” in the window. The owner saw us peering in the windows, and let us have a look inside!!

So cute! That little toilet area has a drain and a shower. It’s got all the practical goodies and a ladder on the back. I love a ladder on the back of anything. Here’s Tiger with the top popped.

And a bike rack. Pretty Sweet.

Meanwhile, All Things Italian took over the square. This thing is big. Not even some of the heaviest rainstorms and strongest wind the town has seen in a while could stop the force of nature that is The Society Of Fairfield Italian Americans.

S.O.F.I.A. was not going to take no for an answer and they put on quite the event regardless of the weather. I didn’t really get great pics, but the whole town was out and there was a lot of dancing, entertainment and food. Area business stay open late and serve you pizza, tiramisu and cannoli, like The At Home Store, a lovely Fairfield Institution.


Colossal floor post soon!

Natural Swimming Pool. YES PLEASE.

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Are you there God? It’s me, Miss Arrow.

I finally figured out what I want more than a Peaches ‘n Cream Barbie Yeah, I know.  Instead of MTV Cribs, Imagine if Pitchfork did “Pitchfork Cribs”. This is what that shizzle would look like; Kinda reminds me of that Bon Iver Erotica tumblr.

Someone is there, right now. Casually messing up those folded towels. Looking at these pictures and the fantasies they inspire has reminded me that life is so full of possibilities and opportunity and it’s totally freaking me out so I have to stop now.

ADD Weekend Update

June 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

Take me down, F-town.

Let’s talk a spell about ‘lil ‘ol Fairfield. After a little badly needed vacation, I’m back. There’s a t-shirt you can buy at a store in Des Moines called Raygun that says “Fairfield – 12 square miles surrounded by reality”. This may be due to the, erm, behaviors and ideas held by much of the Transcendental Meditation community which register at varying degrees on the “alternative” to “bazonkers” scale. Many see this as a negative thing, but I think that it’s actually pretty great. I thanks Jeebus that this place is a little un-real. I could say more, but it took Oprah like two hours to explain Fairfield and in any reality I’m no Oprah. So here’s a little recap of some of the recent events in my Fairfield life, ever so slightly edited to look pretty, idyllic  and productive for the internet.

Firtst off, check out the very nice job my brother did painting the metal roof!

It was such bad news before, all peeling and gross. Now I must find a good way to clean the cedar…which I have been told is actually cypress. Ok.

And now check out Mom! Mom planted me a little garden! Thanks Mom!

The day truly began however, with a trip to the farmers market. Fairfield has a great farmers market, It has Amish farmers, vegan deserts makers, organic herb growers and a boatload of other local craftsmen that sell all kinds of fantastic things. The whole town seems to be out and about getting groceries and hanging out on Saturday mornings.

On this particular morning local builder Eric Hoffman brought out his new sthapathya-vedic tiny home.

$11,000 materials, 700 hours of work.

We liked it so much we brought it home!

Ha! Just kidding. Eric stored it at our house over night. But the whole rig looked pretty sweet in the yard.

The previous weekend, my lovely friends Jon and Louise Lynch threw a really swell party to celebrate their five-year anniversary. They currently reside in L.A., (check out Jon’s company Shark Pig) but they own the house with the barn that housed their wedding reception here in Fairfield.

Eli, Louise (please check out her blog homeslice) and little baby Jack!


And  hay rides! Yay!

Great job guys, thanks for throwing a thoughtful, beautiful, epic yet relaxing event!

AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH…Wilikers! This not so little friend made an appearance whilst I was de-nailing some of the old heart pine flooring. Dad rescued him and set him free outside. Phew.




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