This ‘lil weblog was founded in an effort to pull all the randoms together. The last couple of years have been a whirlwind, but, after many crazypants lifestyle changes I have left Brooklyn, my home of of 10 years and moved back to Iowa. Specifically Fairfield, the town I grew up in, and then I BOUGHT A HOUSE. Many a blog has been born out of the renovation process, and it was the purchasing of a home of my own that prompted the making of a virtual space to compliment the actual one.

Being a Jill of All Trades lends itself to blogdom. Over the years I have worked in many capacities, all in the generally artsy world, and the common artsy day jobs; Restaurants! Day Spas! Bars! Hair Salons! Retail! Barista! Yoga Studios! Production Assistant! Production Coordinator! Actor! Musician! Assistant Interior Designer! Copywriter! Makeup! Yes I will Paint Your House! So this is my outlet for them all.

No about section would be complete without a shout out to one’s life partner and children. I don’t have any of those, instead I march ever closer to Cat Ladydom with my recently acquired kitty, Madeline. Who rules.




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