Yay Frame

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Apples and Oranges.

It’s that time friends. The time for a little collection of A-frames and geodesic dome structures. Let’s start with one you may have seen if you’ve ever been on Pinterest at any point in time ever.

This was designed by WIlliam O’Brien Jr. Understandably, when I saw this thing, I internet stalked Mr. William O’Brien Jr. He’s kinda successful I guess, if you’re into lots of awards and academic star wunderkind genius type stuff. I feel feverish just thinking the words silver birch grove build site.

And now, A-frames covered in snow. Classic!


You know, I really would like to have one of these. Much like our friend below, I’m totally into A-frames and nature.

Now for the oranges.

This thing is just a cutie pie of weird and great. Someone get a pygmy goat on that roof right now!
I had a jungle gym, I had a tent, and look at that! It’s both in one thingy. This property, (silver birch grove build site) as I learned on this nice website, is owned by a Japanese couple who design and test outdoor gear for a living. The little compound runs on solar and is next to Chichibu Tama Kai National Park. And no, I had never heard of Chichibu Tama Kai National Park before, but now I want to go. Damn.
Sigh. I can’t remember if I’ve posted pics from this place or not. It’s an eco-hotel in the Swiss Alps. Truth. 

There’s stuff in them…and stuff…and…ugh.
I can’t go to the swiss alps, so I guess I’ll just have to go to the A-frame of solitude and despair.

Actually, I kind of love that thing. Damn. Maybe I’ll just move into the A-Frame of despair and disillusionment as represented by the mirrored exterior. Desapir and disillusionment…oh yeah! This!  Eh, whatever, though. That’s not even an A-frame, and even though I love it, it might be the most pretentious cabin ever. Would you say this is a cabin? Who knows. I’ll be huddled in my basket-balcony of nihilistic self-loathing and defeat. 

Happy Halloween fairly soon!




Wheel Love

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It’s a regular Mayberry up in this piece.

Weekends in this town are jammed with activities. I’m actually having difficulty keeping pace. Recent hot F-Town action includes but is not limited to the annual Vintage Power Wagon Rally. One weekend a year enthusiasts rumble into town in a cloud of diesel smoke and lift their hoods. This particular event was the 25th anniversary, and there were some beauts. Golly these things are cool.

A while ago, before I moved actually, I spotted this little number in town and had to snap some pics as I’d never seen one before. Built on a Chevy Astro chassis, this conversion van is called a Tiger.

That’s right, Tiger. YES.

So, last weekend, Dad and I were on a break from working on the house, when we saw this kitty in the parking lot of the local health food store and boom – “For Sale” in the window. The owner saw us peering in the windows, and let us have a look inside!!

So cute! That little toilet area has a drain and a shower. It’s got all the practical goodies and a ladder on the back. I love a ladder on the back of anything. Here’s Tiger with the top popped.

And a bike rack. Pretty Sweet.

Meanwhile, All Things Italian took over the square. This thing is big. Not even some of the heaviest rainstorms and strongest wind the town has seen in a while could stop the force of nature that is The Society Of Fairfield Italian Americans.

S.O.F.I.A. was not going to take no for an answer and they put on quite the event regardless of the weather. I didn’t really get great pics, but the whole town was out and there was a lot of dancing, entertainment and food. Area business stay open late and serve you pizza, tiramisu and cannoli, like The At Home Store, a lovely Fairfield Institution.


Colossal floor post soon!

All I Need Is The Air That I Breathe And An Aqua Camper

March 6, 2012 § 2 Comments

Camper Envy.

Seeing as I’ve moved back to Iowa it was only a matter of time before I started hankering to live in a trailer. The interweb contains a sea of adorable vintage campers and the blogs dedicated to them. I’m reposting several of these pics from getcampie.com, which has some nice resources for enthusiasts. Someday, when I finish renovating my house, and am wondering what to do with my bags of cash and oodles of free time, I will possibly become one of those people that rehabs one of these things. So here are a bunch of sea foam, aqua, turquoise and celadon campers all in one location. Let’s say that again. Celadon. 

The above two pics are the exterior and interior of an Airstream Vagabond. It’s part of the collection of vintage trailers, teepees and yurts that make up the fancy campground El Cosmico, located in Marfa, TX. Everybody loves Marfa. I love Marfa and I’ve never been there. In another effort to utilizie my cash bags and free time, let’s plan a Tragically Hip Road Trip™ and stay in ACE hotels and the other hotels owned by Liz Lambert, including the Hotel San Jose on South Congress in Austin. However, we will not be listening to The Tragically Hip. Sorry, Canadians.

These t@b trailers are purdy; 

Oh my beloved Scamps! I saw this one for sale a while back. Didn’t have a cool 5 large sitting around at the time, so it’s long gone. Technically an Acorn, I think it’s the bees to the knees.

A sweet ‘lil Shasta with some cupcakes. Aww. 

I realize this may not do it for every girl and boy, but for me, Field of Mother Flippin’ dreams y’all. Guess I should get a truck first…*sigh*…trucks.



Sweden Is So Cold Right Now

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Sorry Norway. Sweden is winning.

Sweden. Land of Bergmans, both Ingrid and Ingmar. Vikings. Land of  Tall blonde athletic good-looking people. Birthpace of H&M… S&MThe Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Land of SocialismKopimismMuppet ChefsIce HotelsVolvoIkea


This image is from the book True Norwegian Black Metal, (thank you, Ayni Raimondi) but this guy happens to be from Sweden. So back that train up.

Know what that is? That’s a mother flippin’ hotel room. You can buy a plane ticket to Sweden, drive into the woods, pay 4000 kroner,  climb up that ladder and perch yourself up in here;

Perhaps you prefer red?

Know how I know you’re in Sweden? You have a giant reindeer pelt on your wall, and nothing else.

There are six of these one of a kind, I guess you could call them guest cottages at Treehotel, including  the very bucket list-y Tree Sauna. They have names like “UFO” and “The Mirrorcube“. Here’s a quote from the owners;

 “Treehotel was inspired by the film ”The Tree Lover” by Jonas Selberg Augustsen. It’s a tale of three men from the city who want to go back to their roots by building a tree house together. “The Tree Lover” is a philosophic story about the significance of trees for us human beings.”

Right there with ya Sweden. And breakfast is included.

I’ve decided that the style I’m doing my house in is going to be Modern Swedish Cabin. Because they look like this;

And this;

And sometimes even this;

My house isn’t a box, but I think this will still be a good place to jump off from. I should take this moment to address the fact that there have been hardly any house posts on this supposedly renovation inspired blog. That will change soon. I went a Menards run yesteday that totally ruled. For inspiration I have been especially enjoying kitka.ca, emmas designblogg and My Scandinavian Retreat. Total escapist Swedish design porn. You’re welcome.

Here are some sexy old Volvos grazing in an obviously Swedish field. Swedes care about your safety. However, should you find yourself in an accident, help yourself to the Swedish healthcare system, which sounds dreamy if you dig that sort of thing.

If you’re gonna sell MaryKay, sell it Sweden style.

Sweden is totally good at music.

The Knife

Here’s a little playlist. I stopped being able to remember things and focused more on trying to forget after 2010, so it’s kinda “oldie but goodie” ish

Heartbeats – The Knife

Always – Junip

Amsterdam – Peter, Bjorn and John

Panda  – Dungen

Tiger Mountain Peasant Song – First Aid Kit (Fleet Foxes cover)

Honorable Mention; ABBA, Roxette, Ace of Bass

Swedish designers are something you’d like if you’re into awesome shit. Let’s go with Pia Wallen to represent them in their entirety because I want these slippers;

Spiffy coasters

Tøte Båg

I have a crush on this blanket. So does everyone else. Heartbreaker. 

And finally;

Game Sweden.



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