Yay Frame

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Apples and Oranges.

It’s that time friends. The time for a little collection of A-frames and geodesic dome structures. Let’s start with one you may have seen if you’ve ever been on Pinterest at any point in time ever.

This was designed by WIlliam O’Brien Jr. Understandably, when I saw this thing, I internet stalked Mr. William O’Brien Jr. He’s kinda successful I guess, if you’re into lots of awards and academic star wunderkind genius type stuff. I feel feverish just thinking the words silver birch grove build site.

And now, A-frames covered in snow. Classic!


You know, I really would like to have one of these. Much like our friend below, I’m totally into A-frames and nature.

Now for the oranges.

This thing is just a cutie pie of weird and great. Someone get a pygmy goat on that roof right now!
I had a jungle gym, I had a tent, and look at that! It’s both in one thingy. This property, (silver birch grove build site) as I learned on this nice website, is owned by a Japanese couple who design and test outdoor gear for a living. The little compound runs on solar and is next to Chichibu Tama Kai National Park. And no, I had never heard of Chichibu Tama Kai National Park before, but now I want to go. Damn.
Sigh. I can’t remember if I’ve posted pics from this place or not. It’s an eco-hotel in the Swiss Alps. Truth. 

There’s stuff in them…and stuff…and…ugh.
I can’t go to the swiss alps, so I guess I’ll just have to go to the A-frame of solitude and despair.

Actually, I kind of love that thing. Damn. Maybe I’ll just move into the A-Frame of despair and disillusionment as represented by the mirrored exterior. Desapir and disillusionment…oh yeah! This!  Eh, whatever, though. That’s not even an A-frame, and even though I love it, it might be the most pretentious cabin ever. Would you say this is a cabin? Who knows. I’ll be huddled in my basket-balcony of nihilistic self-loathing and defeat. 

Happy Halloween fairly soon!




Cold War Couch

September 3, 2012 § 4 Comments

Hey you, I’ve been thinking about you all day.

My grandmother had a velvet sectional. I remain partial to them.

I’ve been digging this somewhat shabby 70’s conservative thing lately. Almost as if it’s the 70’s, but some of your furniture is left over from the 20’s or 30’s or something, making a Cold War Chic moment happen. If you want to see what I mean, the movie Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is a pretty darn good example. Check out, um, Benedict Cumberbatch. (Maria!! It’s Sherlock Holmes!! I found a way to get him on my blog!!)

Whomsoevereth was the production designer on this thing is a badassical genius. That Swedish dude (natch) who directed Let The Right One In, is also the director here, so, yeah.  An old telephone in every shot! Drab golds and khaki and olive and denim everywhere! I feel cold and sweaty just looking at you Gary Oldman!

Or that movie by um, Florian Henckel Von Dennersmark, The Lives Of Others, which I quite enjoyed. A lot of sexy corduroy in that one.

It’s  like I want everything to look like the year I was born or something. So I guess I’m totes self-obsessed. But UUUHHHH!!! I love iiiitttt.


Is it sad? Is it brown? I’ll take it! Now we go from East Berlinese restraint to one of my bestest sectionals ever.

This fits, right? Um, cumberbatch. Maybe not. But what does Miss Arrow say a lot? Don’t care! Yay! Bring on another goddamn sofa!

Yeah, there’s one right there. In the corner. Ok maybe I just like this loft. Hey, Owner Of This Gorgeous Loft; Please be happy in the knowledge that when the bomb hits, you’ll be safe in your repurposed concrete missile silo (never mind the windows, nit-pickers). Well done. At least that’s what I think every time I see concrete interiors. Which is a lot, lately. Nice set-up for listening to your Serge Gainsbourg vinyl collection here, too. Snark, snark snark, snarkitty snark snark.

So what I’m getting at, is if you need me, I’ll be here, where the nuclear fallout won’t affect my dog, Mr. BalanChien McGiggles, or my hair, which I have yet to name.

It feels so undisclosed in here. Love it.



Natural Swimming Pool. YES PLEASE.

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Are you there God? It’s me, Miss Arrow.

I finally figured out what I want more than a Peaches ‘n Cream Barbie Yeah, I know.  Instead of MTV Cribs, Imagine if Pitchfork did “Pitchfork Cribs”. This is what that shizzle would look like; Kinda reminds me of that Bon Iver Erotica tumblr.

Someone is there, right now. Casually messing up those folded towels. Looking at these pictures and the fantasies they inspire has reminded me that life is so full of possibilities and opportunity and it’s totally freaking me out so I have to stop now.

ADD Weekend Update

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Take me down, F-town.

Let’s talk a spell about ‘lil ‘ol Fairfield. After a little badly needed vacation, I’m back. There’s a t-shirt you can buy at a store in Des Moines called Raygun that says “Fairfield – 12 square miles surrounded by reality”. This may be due to the, erm, behaviors and ideas held by much of the Transcendental Meditation community which register at varying degrees on the “alternative” to “bazonkers” scale. Many see this as a negative thing, but I think that it’s actually pretty great. I thanks Jeebus that this place is a little un-real. I could say more, but it took Oprah like two hours to explain Fairfield and in any reality I’m no Oprah. So here’s a little recap of some of the recent events in my Fairfield life, ever so slightly edited to look pretty, idyllic  and productive for the internet.

Firtst off, check out the very nice job my brother did painting the metal roof!

It was such bad news before, all peeling and gross. Now I must find a good way to clean the cedar…which I have been told is actually cypress. Ok.

And now check out Mom! Mom planted me a little garden! Thanks Mom!

The day truly began however, with a trip to the farmers market. Fairfield has a great farmers market, It has Amish farmers, vegan deserts makers, organic herb growers and a boatload of other local craftsmen that sell all kinds of fantastic things. The whole town seems to be out and about getting groceries and hanging out on Saturday mornings.

On this particular morning local builder Eric Hoffman brought out his new sthapathya-vedic tiny home.

$11,000 materials, 700 hours of work.

We liked it so much we brought it home!

Ha! Just kidding. Eric stored it at our house over night. But the whole rig looked pretty sweet in the yard.

The previous weekend, my lovely friends Jon and Louise Lynch threw a really swell party to celebrate their five-year anniversary. They currently reside in L.A., (check out Jon’s company Shark Pig) but they own the house with the barn that housed their wedding reception here in Fairfield.

Eli, Louise (please check out her blog homeslice) and little baby Jack!


And  hay rides! Yay!

Great job guys, thanks for throwing a thoughtful, beautiful, epic yet relaxing event!

AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH…Wilikers! This not so little friend made an appearance whilst I was de-nailing some of the old heart pine flooring. Dad rescued him and set him free outside. Phew.




Cream and Browntown

April 18, 2012 § 1 Comment

Twist Cone.

‘Member when I did that pink post?!?!?! Well, I did a pink post. A quick ‘lil roundup as it were. And it was fun. Judging by my Pinterest account, I also really enjoy the creamscale and the brownscale. Together. Something about it is perfectly late 70’s/early 80’s Berlin meets Big Sur. Put a fern on it.

A is for AUTOS.


Does anyone know where I can get something like the Missoni looking sheets here? I probably need them a lot. 

C is for CADGETS


Sometimes brown and cream make pink, kinda.

And finally; an excellent example of the “your stomach is a big as your cupped hands” rule.



All I Need Is The Air That I Breathe And An Aqua Camper

March 6, 2012 § 2 Comments

Camper Envy.

Seeing as I’ve moved back to Iowa it was only a matter of time before I started hankering to live in a trailer. The interweb contains a sea of adorable vintage campers and the blogs dedicated to them. I’m reposting several of these pics from getcampie.com, which has some nice resources for enthusiasts. Someday, when I finish renovating my house, and am wondering what to do with my bags of cash and oodles of free time, I will possibly become one of those people that rehabs one of these things. So here are a bunch of sea foam, aqua, turquoise and celadon campers all in one location. Let’s say that again. Celadon. 

The above two pics are the exterior and interior of an Airstream Vagabond. It’s part of the collection of vintage trailers, teepees and yurts that make up the fancy campground El Cosmico, located in Marfa, TX. Everybody loves Marfa. I love Marfa and I’ve never been there. In another effort to utilizie my cash bags and free time, let’s plan a Tragically Hip Road Trip™ and stay in ACE hotels and the other hotels owned by Liz Lambert, including the Hotel San Jose on South Congress in Austin. However, we will not be listening to The Tragically Hip. Sorry, Canadians.

These t@b trailers are purdy; 

Oh my beloved Scamps! I saw this one for sale a while back. Didn’t have a cool 5 large sitting around at the time, so it’s long gone. Technically an Acorn, I think it’s the bees to the knees.

A sweet ‘lil Shasta with some cupcakes. Aww. 

I realize this may not do it for every girl and boy, but for me, Field of Mother Flippin’ dreams y’all. Guess I should get a truck first…*sigh*…trucks.



Of Course I Still Love You! No I Am Not Having an affair with Pinterest! How Could You Even Say That…?

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Oh, hey…How are you? Yeah, I’ve just been really busy. No, nothing’s wrong…awkward pause

Sorry guys, I know there’s a terrible hole in your lives when I fail to post on my blog, but it comes down to this; I’ve been on the Pinterest. You know what I mean. Contrary to popular belief, Pinterest is not a website for people who are really keen on Harold Pinter. Actually, no one thinks that. Sorry, that was awful. The temptation to name this post “Herald! Pinterest” was strong. But that’s totally lame. I would never do that to you. I love you. It doesn’t mean anything that I’ve been spending all of my free time staring deeply into the eyes of other people’s pins.

So this isn’t really a Pinterest Post. It’s more like a blogger trying to distract you from their lack of actual blogging. And to say that although I am relatively new to it, Pinterest has taken control of my interneting life. 

Hmm. Kinda looks like the Target logo, no? Anyway, you can follow me, as they say, if you care to. This will mostly benefit you because you will be led to Those Who I Repin Things From, and they are some badass babes. Even if they are dudes, they are still total babes. If you are on Pinterest and you’re a badass babe please let me know. I’ll follow you, all creepy like.

Real posts coming up about the pains of being cheap at heart, and how to be a Charley Girl (Oh! MissArrow! you’re so mysterious!)



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