Fairfield, Iowa. The weird thing is, you may have heard of it.

F-town, IA is a riddle wrapped in a conundrum stuffed into a tiny corner of a state that not many people know much about. I grew up here, and have a whole lotta love for this tiny spiritual, cultural, often sophisticated and always crazy town. Just Google it. Or Google “Transcendental Meditation“. Or “Maharishi School of The Age Of Enlightenment” and you’ll start to get the idea. Come visit. I’ll take you on a tour of the MUM Campus, The Golden Domes and then we’ll go shopping at Orschelns.

Stuff In Fairfield:

Abundance EcoVIllage


The Beauty Shop

Bike Fairfield

Cafe Paradiso

David Lynch Foundation

David Lynch Foundation Television

Farmer’s Market

Ideal Energy

Jefferson County Trails



Maharishi Vedic City Organic Farm

Mustang Auto Trading

Open Space Studio

Overland Sheepskin

Peacetown, USA

Rick Stanley Harps

The Raj and Rakmapura Hotel

Shokai Sushi

Sondheim Center


St. Mary’s Project

Well:Fit Studio


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