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December 29, 2011 § 3 Comments

Lodge Chic. Camp Style. Native Motif. Logger Wear.

There’s a pretty large obsession with all things vaguely Native American or Northwestern looking going around these days. I am not immune. I wear an obscene amount of plaid. It all culminates for me in Pendleton. Pendleton Woolen Mills produced its first wool blanket in 1909 at their mill in Pendleton, Oregon. Fair enough. In 1923 they produced the country’s first “men’s wool plaid shirt” – although I imagine that women were fully capable of wearing them. Over the years, Pendleton expanded its line of apparel and home goods to include iconic plaid wool skirts, the “ ’49er ” jacket and of course, the most awesome and beauteous National Park Blankets. 

Here is the glorious Glacier National Park blanket in action:

You can get them with a carrier strap, for when you need to make sure it’s securely strapped to your saddle, or your Royal Enfield WWII re-issue motorcycle, etc. But if you aren’t paying attention, watch out, because this;

Can turn into this;
Apparently their Pendleton attacked them in their sleep and has formed a protective shell. I know it’s popular, but I really feel this whole idea is best left to those with the appropriate heritage. You know who you are. Otherwise, in my opinion, it just looks a teensy bit over the top. (Update – I found out who makes these coats and I have to say I really enjoy their collection on the whole. After all, people should just wear what they feel the best in. I saw a scarf tonight at a friend’s house that’s to die for. They have shops in these cities.) Pendleton has done some nice collaborations with Opening Ceremony and Urban Outfitters. I prefer it when used for home goods, like this total bodaciousness;

I’m sure I could use all of these somewhere. Sigh. These beauties are from the etsy shop indian vs indian which gives its location as being in, where else, Portland, OR. Do you know what it is to covet, Clarice? Because I covet all 250+ items listed there.  A good Pendlton blanket for your bed or sofa is still my first love. Did I mention they’re reversible? Note the upper right-hand corner.If you are in the Portland area, you can be a lucky bastard and go to the Pendleton Factory Outlet in Washougal, WA. Behold;

Oh God it hurts. The sale signs mock me. It comes by the bolt. Ugh. I’m a covetous puddle.

One last thing;
Oh baby.




White Riot.

December 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

Clean, Clear, and Under Control.

There are so many practical things to consider when renovating a house. But let’s not. Instead, let us indulge in some design porn as it’s sometimes referred to. My house is, as a realtor would describe it, cozy. So I’ve decided to go with a neutral palette in order to maximize the light and feeling of space. Basically, if you can’t find me, it’s because I plan to be here until further notice;


My old parlor floor apartment in Greenpoint, BK had a very old-master-y feel which was certainly accentuated by the color choices (Navy living room including the base boards and window sills? fo’ shizzle)  I had an admittedly somewhat purposeful, um, “artful clutter” thing going on, which I am excited to discard like over-processed split ends. Bring on the white box and the afore loathed Mid-Century Modern. I know that this screams “I want rebirth! I want clarity! New chapter please!!” and you know what? I don’t care. I like it. I’m not abandoning my old tastes, it’s just that now I am open to a bunch of stuff I previously wasn’t, like the ubiquitous Eames shell chair, modern light fixtures, Scandinavian teak everything and modern gray flannel sofas;

from The Brick House

I want them all, now.

Of course, I’m not going to completely give up on color. I’m looking forward to my pristine and clean white box so I can do stuff like this;

Heaven. There’s no art on the walls, and don’t you look clever and sophisticated with that Pendleton Blanket. And yes, I am obsessed with Pendleton Blankets. The All Pendleton Post will happen soon.


Mmmmmm… a glass of warm milk…….

Of course, I’ll probably want this in 6 months;

from Design Crisis

Ta for now,



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