Cold War Couch

September 3, 2012 § 4 Comments

Hey you, I’ve been thinking about you all day.

My grandmother had a velvet sectional. I remain partial to them.

I’ve been digging this somewhat shabby 70’s conservative thing lately. Almost as if it’s the 70’s, but some of your furniture is left over from the 20’s or 30’s or something, making a Cold War Chic moment happen. If you want to see what I mean, the movie Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is a pretty darn good example. Check out, um, Benedict Cumberbatch. (Maria!! It’s Sherlock Holmes!! I found a way to get him on my blog!!)

Whomsoevereth was the production designer on this thing is a badassical genius. That Swedish dude (natch) who directed Let The Right One In, is also the director here, so, yeah.  An old telephone in every shot! Drab golds and khaki and olive and denim everywhere! I feel cold and sweaty just looking at you Gary Oldman!

Or that movie by um, Florian Henckel Von Dennersmark, The Lives Of Others, which I quite enjoyed. A lot of sexy corduroy in that one.

It’s  like I want everything to look like the year I was born or something. So I guess I’m totes self-obsessed. But UUUHHHH!!! I love iiiitttt.


Is it sad? Is it brown? I’ll take it! Now we go from East Berlinese restraint to one of my bestest sectionals ever.

This fits, right? Um, cumberbatch. Maybe not. But what does Miss Arrow say a lot? Don’t care! Yay! Bring on another goddamn sofa!

Yeah, there’s one right there. In the corner. Ok maybe I just like this loft. Hey, Owner Of This Gorgeous Loft; Please be happy in the knowledge that when the bomb hits, you’ll be safe in your repurposed concrete missile silo (never mind the windows, nit-pickers). Well done. At least that’s what I think every time I see concrete interiors. Which is a lot, lately. Nice set-up for listening to your Serge Gainsbourg vinyl collection here, too. Snark, snark snark, snarkitty snark snark.

So what I’m getting at, is if you need me, I’ll be here, where the nuclear fallout won’t affect my dog, Mr. BalanChien McGiggles, or my hair, which I have yet to name.

It feels so undisclosed in here. Love it.




Better Living Through Chevrons

January 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

First we zig, then we zag.

By the time you’ve finished reading this post, odds are someone will have declared the chevron trend to be over (I’ve actually started a little thing with plus signs on the side, but more on that later). Chevrons have been showing up in interior design for a while – but always in ways that struck me as somewhat Martha for Kmart tame. Then they began to show up just about everywhere. And then, Dear Reader, like in a bad rom-com, suddenly I realize that they’ve been there all along, I just never knew I loved them…Peter Gabriel, rain, blah blah. Let’s go Etsy-ing. As a starter, may I suggest a medley of necklace, bracelet, rings, earrings and belt, all topped with slices of golden chevron hardware. Delish.

okay the ring is actually sterling silver

You can buy the necklace here,

here are the earrings,

the bracelet is here,

here is the ring

and the belt, the belt, goddammit, has apparently ceased to exist on the interweb. It’s Etsy listing is gone, (why couldn’t they just leave it up as sold? *grr*) and I can’t find the store. However, I effing love these belts, so up on this here post they shall stay. The more I stare at those buckles the more they start to look like little owls. Little mocking owls.

The Last word in chevron apparel pretty much goes to Missoni. That being said;

heeere’s the links;

bag here,

leg warmers here

shirt and shirt dresses here

Hey! look! This little lady is chevron savvy. 

Also, there’s these. I like both. You decide.

you can get this one here

And this one here. It says sold, but I’m pretty sure they are made to order.

Okay, now you can sink your teeth into this bizness;

Ha! what is that! I dunno! But it’s certainly full of chevrons and looks all designy and stuff.

Ahh, that’s more better.

Technically, I think the right and proper term for the crazy floor-ceiling-wall thing is herringbone, but I’m not very worried about it. All I know is that it’s a short ride from chevron to herringbone and then on to braided and before you know it you’re at flame stitch…which, btw, I love. Yes I do. Perhaps more on that later.

Now for something in the middle. I’ve been looking at pics of this apartment (er, brownstone I guess?) for a while….thank you badass musician ladyfriend Linsdey Neal Kuykendall for your mutual love of chevrons and reminding me of both this space and the white beauty above.

I will take all your flooring thank you very much. And the furniture while I’m at it.

And now for my Final Thought;

Working on a post about Sweden.



Pendleton me.

December 29, 2011 § 3 Comments

Lodge Chic. Camp Style. Native Motif. Logger Wear.

There’s a pretty large obsession with all things vaguely Native American or Northwestern looking going around these days. I am not immune. I wear an obscene amount of plaid. It all culminates for me in Pendleton. Pendleton Woolen Mills produced its first wool blanket in 1909 at their mill in Pendleton, Oregon. Fair enough. In 1923 they produced the country’s first “men’s wool plaid shirt” – although I imagine that women were fully capable of wearing them. Over the years, Pendleton expanded its line of apparel and home goods to include iconic plaid wool skirts, the “ ’49er ” jacket and of course, the most awesome and beauteous National Park Blankets. 

Here is the glorious Glacier National Park blanket in action:

You can get them with a carrier strap, for when you need to make sure it’s securely strapped to your saddle, or your Royal Enfield WWII re-issue motorcycle, etc. But if you aren’t paying attention, watch out, because this;

Can turn into this;
Apparently their Pendleton attacked them in their sleep and has formed a protective shell. I know it’s popular, but I really feel this whole idea is best left to those with the appropriate heritage. You know who you are. Otherwise, in my opinion, it just looks a teensy bit over the top. (Update – I found out who makes these coats and I have to say I really enjoy their collection on the whole. After all, people should just wear what they feel the best in. I saw a scarf tonight at a friend’s house that’s to die for. They have shops in these cities.) Pendleton has done some nice collaborations with Opening Ceremony and Urban Outfitters. I prefer it when used for home goods, like this total bodaciousness;

I’m sure I could use all of these somewhere. Sigh. These beauties are from the etsy shop indian vs indian which gives its location as being in, where else, Portland, OR. Do you know what it is to covet, Clarice? Because I covet all 250+ items listed there.  A good Pendlton blanket for your bed or sofa is still my first love. Did I mention they’re reversible? Note the upper right-hand corner.If you are in the Portland area, you can be a lucky bastard and go to the Pendleton Factory Outlet in Washougal, WA. Behold;

Oh God it hurts. The sale signs mock me. It comes by the bolt. Ugh. I’m a covetous puddle.

One last thing;
Oh baby.



Retail Lust and Denial; Opening Ceremony

December 17, 2011 § Leave a comment

Opening Ceremony is cooler than you.

Iowa is cold, and it’s almost Christmas. Or as I used to know it in NYC, Holiday. So naturally I’m wishing I was strolling through some Anasazi ruins in these perfecto print espadrilles from Soludos available for a reasonable amount of de neiro at Opening Ceremony. Look at the delicious print! Can’t get enough of the Navajo/Native American type stuff lately. Or is it Kilim? Don’t really care as long as i can put my foot in it. Heh. 

As long as I am in cold climate denial, and on a completely season inappropriate Opening Ceremony shopping spree (yes, two items is a spree in my spendthrift reality) I might as well get this darling little one-piece;

I wonder if they would honor my request to make sure the particular suit sent to my door didn’t have the lovely crotch flower. Little much.

They even have cooler Pendleton Blankets with cooler prints for way more money than I will spend on a blanket. All these items together could dress one badass crazy beach bum.

Standing Rock Blanket

I have mixed feelings about Opening Ceremony. It’s the type of establishment people love to hate on, because it can come across as pretty darn snooty. It has a DIY cool kids clique-y lunch table vibe with a 5th avenue price point – all of which makes me feel embarrassed and somehow shamed. Perhaps this uncomfortable ego/id stew is a large part of why people have so much Hipster Loathing? However, if I’m being honest, I have to admit that if I found anything they sell at some place a little less in your face cool (Chloe Sevigny just designed a line for them for Jeebus sake) I would buy it and feel great. But hey! It’s pretty! And Good Lord why am I taking shopping so seriously!??!?! So The End. =—>

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